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Join the Paketo open source community!

There are a few good ways to keep up with developments within the Paketo Buildpacks community:

Reach out to us on Slack
Tweet at us
Join our working group meetings
Make a contribution


Check out our contribution guide for an idea of where to begin.


If you’d like to learn more about the buildpacks' architecture and the design decisions being made, it may be helpful to read through some of our past and present Requests For Comments (RFCs). These are documents written by members of the Paketo community to propose technical changes to the project or one of its buildpacks.


Do you have ideas for the future of the project? Well, we’d certainly like to hear them! Check out our Discussions portal to weigh in on ongoing conversations or to start a new one.

Signing the CLA

In order to contribute code, you will need to complete the CFF Contributor License Agreement. When opening a pull request, our CLA bot will prompt you to sign it, or you can sign it through this link.

The agreement documents that are signed with the above process can be found below:

Working Groups

Check out what’s going on in the Paketo Buildpacks community by joining a Working Group meeting. Join discussions about RFCs. See how others are using buildpacks in their environments. Or, BYOB (bring your own buildpacks!) to share, discuss, and get feedback from the community.

Mailing List

Keep up-to-date on the latest news in the Paketo Buildpacks community by joining our mailing list. The mailing list will provide you with updates on the project, new blog posts, security disclosures, and more.