Language Family Buildpacks

The Paketo language family buildpacks are composite buildpacks that provide easy out-of-the-box support the most popular language runtimes and app configurations.

Component Buildpacks

Paketo provides many component buildpacks, each with a well-defined responsibility. Component buildpacks may require contributions from upstream buildpacks and/or provide required components to downstream buildpacks.

For example, the Gradle Buildpack is a component buildpack, responsible for installing Gradle in the build container and using Gradle to compile and package a JVM application. It requires that an upstream component to provide a JDK. It provides a compiled JVM application to downstream buildpacks.

Composite Buildpacks

Component buildpacks can be combined to compose higher-level composite buildpacks. Composite buildpacks contain an ordered list of component buildpacks. Some buildpacks in the ordering may be optional, participating only when they detect that they are needed.


Last modified: June 15, 2021