HTTPD Buildpack

The HTTPD Paketo Buildpack supports the installation of the Apache HTTP Server binary distribution onto the $PATH inside a container. This makes it available to subsequent buildpacks.

To build a sample app locally with this CNB using the pack CLI, run

git clone https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/samples
cd samples/httpd
pack build my-app --buildpack gcr.io/paketo-buildpacks/httpd \
  --builder paketobuildpacks/builder:full
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See samples for how to run the app.

NOTE: The Paketo Full builder is required because HTTPD relies on operating system libraries only present in the Full builder.

Supported Dependencies

The HTTPD Paketo Buildpack supports several versions of Apache HTTP Server. For more details on the specific versions supported in a given buildpack version, see the release notes.

Specifying an HTTPD Version

The HTTPD CNB (Cloud Native Buildpack) allows you to specify a version of the Apache HTTP Server to use during deployment. This version can be specified through the BP_HTTPD_VERSION environment variable. When specifying a version of the Apache HTTP Server, you must choose a version that is available within the buildpack. The supported versions can be found here

Specifying a version of httpd is not required. In the case that it is not specified, the buildpack will provide the default version listed in the release notes.


To configure the buildpack to use HTTPD v2.4.46 when deploying your app, set the following environment variable at build time, either directly (ex. pack build my-app --env BP_HTTPD_VERSION=2.4.*) or through a project.toml file:

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Deprecated: Using buildpack.yml

Specifying the HTTP Server version through buildpack.yml configuration will be deprecated in Apache HTTP Server Buildpack v1.0.0. To migrate from using buildpack.yml please set the $BP_HTTPD_VERSION environment variable.


The HTTPD buildpack supports two app configurations:

  1. When an httpd.conf file is present in your app’s source code, the buildpack will set up an Apache HTTP server with that config.

  2. When the httpd.conf is not present in the app’s source code, the buildpack simply provides the Apache HTTP Server dependency to subsequent buildpacks without actually setting up a server.


Last modified: June 15, 2021