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NGINX Buildpack Reference

This reference documentation offers an in-depth description of the behavior and configuration options of the Paketo NGINX Buildpack. For explanations of how to use the buildpack for several common use-cases, see the Paketo NGINX Buildpack How To documentation.

The NGINX Paketo Buildpack supports the installation of the NGINX binary distribution onto the $PATH inside a container. This makes it available to subsequent buildpacks.

Supported Dependencies

The NGINX Paketo Buildpack supports several versions of NGINX. For more details on the specific versions supported in a given buildpack version, see the release notes.


When the NGINX Buildpack participates in a build, it will contribute in one of two ways:

  1. When an nginx.conf file is present in your app’s source code, the buildpack will set up an NGINX server with that config.

  2. When the nginx.conf is not present in the app’s source code, the buildpack simply provides the NGINX dependency to subsequent buildpacks without actually setting up a server.


Last modified: January 20, 2022